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Party Time

12 Oct 2016

The Pre-Party Shop

Level up your festival gear with the Olmeca Tequila Pre-Party Shop:

Few festivals in South Africa have gained the cult following and momentum that Superbalist is Rocking The Daisies has. From the globe-crossing international acts like Foster the People, to the Nu World Beat Club with its folklore flavour to the Electronic Stage and its hypnotic energy, there’s something for everyone, no matter what your musical taste may be.

But you can’t just ‘rock up’ to a festival of this level and hope for the best. Well you could we guess, but take our advice: the best festivals are the ones you’re prepared for. So we thought we’d do our bit to help kit you out and get you ready. Because we know, it happens every year – EVERY. YEAR. – where that one friend we all have manages to somehow make it all the way to the festival without anything except a bank card and positive attitude, or who loses their hoodie in the first three minutes since stepping out the car and walking to the camp site. Heck, maybe YOU’RE that one friend, we don’t know. Either way, we wanted to prevent any unpreparedness and re-open the Pre-Party Shop to take your from unprepared zero to festival superhero.

Our shop is a bit different though, we don’t take money – with our shop all you have to do is enter to buy something. Register on site and we’ll let you know the next day whether the purchase goes to you, or to someone with better luck than you. But listen, we’re crossing our fingers it’s you though, because you’re the best. (Don’t tell the others, they don’t get ‘us’).

How about less talking and more shopping? Check out what’s in-store this week: 

Monday: Olmeca Tequila cap, hoodie and a bottle of Edición Black

Tuesday: A Fuji Film Instax Camera and a pair of Havaianas 

Wednesday: An Olmeca Tequila Loafa, a Powerbank and a bottle of Edición Black

Thursday: Tent fairy lights and a bottle of Edición Black

Friday: An Olmeca Tequila Loafa, tent fairy lights and a bottle of Edición Black

In Stock Today:  


If you haven't already purchased your tickets for Superbalist is Rocking The Daisies, get on that here.

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