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Switch On The Night

Party Time

10 Dec 2015

12 tips, tricks and hacks to Switch On Love & Light

This year Love & Light is bringing some of the trance scene’s biggest hitters down to the Cape. With headliners like Ritmo (Israel), Captain Hook (Israel) and Liquidsoul (Germany) on the decks, this Love & Light is going to be one to remember.

Just for you, we’ve compiled a handy list of tips, tricks and hacks to make sure that you take the Love & Light heat, and switch it on like never before.

1. Two cups add 10 cm. 
Hey there short-stack, can’t see the stage too well? Grow a little, quickly, by standing on two empty cups.

2. Water wings to crowd surf.
If you’re going to stage dive, make sure you pad up for a friendly landing.

3. Always swim-ready with boardies.
Refresh your party mojo with a midday swim. Dive in. Cool off. And you’ll be dry again in no time.

4. Pin your location with a balloon. 
Let your friends know where you are by standing out in a crowd with a big, epic balloon.

5. Party hands free with a backpack. 
Don’t let your sweet moves be held back by a handbag.

6. 1 Olmeca Tequila + 1 tonic water + 1 blacklight = glow stick. 
What’s the point in stomping without a glow stick? Get your rave on hard by DIYing one.

7. Mark your territory with mighty moves. 
Want to carve out your spot on the dance floor? Stretch your arms out and spin like crazy.

8. Beat the heat with a hat.
Look fly, feel great and keep it shady with your biggest, sickest hat on.

9. Come together for #OlmecaTequilaTime.
Regroup with the squad for a pre-set #OlmecaTequilaTime to make sure you don’t lose anyone in the fun.

10. Selfie free party.
You know what’s better than a selfie? Doing a trade – you snap your mate for the night, and they snap you.

11. A big fan has a big sign.
So, you love the DJ? Well, show them. Wear a t-shirt or make a sign – that way you’re almost always guaranteed a special spot up at the front for their set.

12. Become best friends with the bartender.
Tip big on the first round to get the love and loyalty of your new best friend – the speedy bartender.


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