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Switch On The Night

The Beats

18 May 2016

A Girls Night out

Dom Gawlowski and Angela Weickl ‘AKA ANG’ share their view on South African Electronic Music culture and what a great night at their Cape Town club, Fiction, looks like. You’re going to want to read this. 

Electronic music has a reputation for being a bit of a boy’s club, but at the wheel of Cape Town’s electronic music scene are two badass bosses trying to build a better night out - who both happen to be women.

Meet Dom Gawlowski, one of the founding mothers of South Africa’s premium alternative dance music festival Grietfest, and Angela Weickl ‘AKA ANG’ - DJ, Booking Agent and Night Club Manager. Collectively they’re the force behind one of Cape Town’s principal electronic music clubs, Fiction, and they’re the ones who decide what an epic night out looks, and sounds, like.

Angela Weickl


Dom Gawlowski

This is the first time the club has had someone from the music industry own it, and with a DJ handling the bookings, they’re using their combined experience to create the club experience they want to see. It’s not an exact science, but it’s a lot of work. “The first thing I did was scrub the women’s bathrooms,” Dom laughs, “but that’s the sort of involvement it takes.” And they’re not afraid to get their hands dirty.

So what does a better night out look like? For ANG it’s a party that’s a little bit more considered. Sure, there are a handful of talented artists on the scene, but are they the only ones? No, obviously not. The industry is teeming with talented artists that reflect the diverse fans of electronic music. And by giving space for a range of local artists to play, they’re hoping to make the circle bigger – not only for a wider range genres and tastes in electronic music, but for more inclusive line-ups as well. “We want to push artists who push themselves,” says Dom, “We wanted to create a space where any artist that is good, and that is pushing themselves, can play and find an audience that understands them.”

You don’t often use the word ‘community’ to describe a dance floor, but that’s what a great night out looks like for Dom and ANG – a community of people, fans and artists, who have a shared love for electronic music. For Ang, it’s not about creating a line-up that looks different for the sake of it, but about creating line-ups of artists that looks more like the audience. “When girls (for example) see other girls slaying the room, it feels like a little bit of them is slaying the room.” It’s about connecting fans with artists, artists with fans, fans with fans, so that anyone can go out, and even in the craziest party know that, ‘Hey, I’m not alone.’

So what’s next for Fiction? “We want to make sure the world keeps paying attention to the amazing music our local talent makes, whoever that may be.”

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