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Switch On The Night

The Beats

23 Mar 2016

Clubbing Heaven: Ticking off The Club Bucket List

From rooftop dancefloors to underground raves, we take a look at the world’s weirdest and wildest nightclubs.

Guacara Taina – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

It’s underground dance madness at Guacara Taina, literally. Also known as the cave, this superclub has the ultimate location - a million year old cave. Natural acoustics, nooks and crannies, three dancefloors, a 3000 person capacity and some of the world’s best headliners earn this club a spot on your nightclub bucket-list.

Miniscule of Sound – London, United Kingdom

While normally it’s mass crowds that attract people to a club, with the Miniscule of Sound it’s its exclusivity. It bills itself as the world’s smallest club, fitting only 14 people at a time, but if you’re one of the few to make it in – you’re in for the experience of a lifetime. This traveling club offers an arena show, in a tiny space.

Le Showcase – Paris, France

While all the tourists are falling in love above ground, the locals are getting down and dirty below at one of Paris’s most exclusive nightclubs. Located underground, beneath the Champs Elysées’ Alexandre III Bridge, in old boat hangars, Le Showcase boasts the best venue in Paris, as well as some of the best DJ’s behind the decks.

Neko – Tokyo, Japan

Since the inception of nightclubs there has been one fundamental element missing – cats. Luckily Neko in Japan is here to fix that. An impressive warehouse setup, Neko features DJs, and cats, from around the world. The cats live in three playrooms where clubgoers can relax. To make it even better, cats are matched with music genres “the sleek, detailed Siamese goes perfectly with techno, though wouldn't necessarily work with vocal house" says Managing Director Tuki Yabe.

Skye Club - San Paulo, Brazil

The ultimate rooftop club, at Skye Club you literally feel like you’re in the sky. Why? They removed all supporting beams and structures, so that the only thing separating you from the sheer drop outside is a panel of glass. With a rooftop pool, and situated atop an architectural wonder, the Skye Club is a picture of elegance and exclusivity – until 2am that is, when it turns into a raucous party in the clouds.

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