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Switch On The Night

Party Time

27 Mar 2018

Life’s a beach – Where to go when you’re over Ibiza

Sick and tired of Ibiza yet? Nope, we aren’t either. But have a look at these smaller islands that are packing a punch on the party scene anyway.

Mykonos, Greece

You may have heard of Super Paradise Beach, the beach that took party paradise to the next level. It’s a mix between high-fashion, and clothing optional – like most beach Mykonos parties, and it’s one of the many beaches that have given Mykonos its party reputation.

Florianopolis, Brazil

Sunbathe during the day and samba at night. Florianopolis in Brazil is the kind of place where you need to know where the party is, for while every night is a clubbers dream on the mainland – the best parties happen in unmarked fisherman’s huts or secret beaches on the island. It’s been dubbed “the next Ibiza”, and won the Times’ Party Destination of the Year and it’s no stretch to see why, with its enthusiastic crowds and rustic charm it’s a DJs dream destination.

Hvar, Croatia

With clubs raging till 6am, sunrises are a common site in Hvar. During the day time visitors can walk through marble streets and admire the Gothic palaces, but at night time the city transforms into a party hub. As with most good things there is a downside, and with Hvar it’s the price. This beautiful vacation is definitely not on the cheaper side of life, but if you’re one of the lucky few with the bucks to blow you’re in for a wild time.

Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

Years ago Ko Pha Ngan was known for its untouched beauty and its pristine beauty – these days, not so much. But that doesn’t take away for its monthly mental Full Moon Party. Party people from around the world unite to paint their face in lumo, skimp their outfits down and rave on the beaches of this mental island.

Oahu, Hawaii

With cities within valleys, lush mountains, crystal blue water and white sand beaches, Oahu looks like the kind of place that should be shrouded in myth and legend, and for the most part it is. Looking at it you would never guess that it’s one of the world’s top party destinations, but in Oahu live music and dance combine to create a perfectly unique scene. And if you feel like going on an adventure let the world famous surf (and surfers) tempt you into the ocean, if you’re lucky you may stumble upon one of their infamous beach parties on your way.

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