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Switch On The Night

The Beats

26 Mar 2015


You may have seen Ace Ventura dominating the Love & Light decks this year, but if you missed it, don't you worry we have his mix right here for your listening pleasure.


One of Israel’s biggest talents in electronic music is Ace Ventura’s Yoni Oshrat. From an early age, Yoni was heavily influenced by music as his father is a famous Israeli composer and song writer. It’s no wonder he decided to pursue a career in the TV and movie industry as a sound producer.

In the early 1990’s, Yoni discovered Israel’s growing trance scene and started DJ’ing with a friend, DJ Goblin, to form the psychedelic trance project Children Of The Doc, later renamed Psysex. Their three critically-acclaimed albums, released by HOMmega Productions, played an integral role in establishing Israel as one of the most influential countries in the trance scene.

In 2006 he decided to leave the Psysex project to pursue a solo career with two projects; Schatsi and Ace Ventura. While Schatsi had great success, Yoni dedicated more of his efforts to Ace Ventura.

Ace Ventura is a fusion of the hard, pumping dancefloor-orientated style from Psysex and the deeper, groovier influences of progressive trance. Ace Ventura’s first debut album “Rebirth” was released in 2007, and became one of the biggest releases of the year. In fact, Ace Ventura won the Psytance category at the Beatport Music Awards in 2008.

Yoni has enjoyed a successful career over the past decade, performing at the biggest parties and music festivals all over the world. Along with multiple other projects, Yoni is working on the finishing touches for his 2nd Ace Ventura album ‘Paradise engineering’ which will be released at the end of the year.

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