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Olmeca Tequila

20 Apr 2015

Meet Julian Short: South Africa's best bartender

Home to wood paneled walls, illuminati rumours and a clock which is permanently set to 5.15pm - The Cape Town Club is the kind of venue that means business. It’s where serious men sign serious documents, with their serious faces on, for 364 days a year. On the 365th day- well, that’s when they host the annual Tahona Society Cocktail Competition.

The Tahona Society Cocktail Competition was created to find the world’s best bartenders. The bartenders who can mix, muddle and blend better than the rest – the guys and girls who take cocktails to the next level. The Tahona Society is the world’s most elite non-elitist group; they’re fun, they’re prestigious and they know their stuff. And they’ve just recruited their newest member - Jozi native and this year’s cocktail competition winner- Julian Short.

Julian Short will soon be making the true tequila lovers’ pilgrimage, to Jalisco Mexico, to compete for the grand title of Tahona Society Champion.  But how did he win this honour? His cocktail at the local Tahona Society Cocktail Competition “the Cape Quarter” showed a unique combination of local flavours, incorporating both naartjie juice and his own homemade Rooibos Agave Syrup.

So, what’s his advice for mixing the perfect tequila cocktail? “Passion”, he says, “find what works for you and what different flavours work well together.”

Think you have the skills to recreate South Africa’s best tequila cocktail? Attempt the Cape Quarter.

40ml Homemade Lemon Butter tequila (made using Olmeca Altos Blanco)
20ml Olmeca Altos Blanco
30ml Rooibos Agave syrup
30ml Lime
90ml Carbonated Naartjie Juice
3 tsp of homemade pinotage syrup 
Pour everything except for the naartjie juice into a shaker tin, and shake like crazy for 14 seconds. Pour gently over rocks into a tumbler and top up with the naartjie juice. For the final touch, top off your Cape Quarter with the excess liquid from your shaker tin. Easy, right? On second thought, maybe we’ll just leave the technical cocktails to the professionals. 

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