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Olmeca Tequila

16 Apr 2015

Olmeca Tequila Cocktails: Summer Edition

Tequila. Slam it, sip it or mix it- it’s always delicious. We’ve put together our list of the three essential cocktails all tequila-lovers should know.


The Perfect Margarita- Tommy’s Margarita

The perfect margarita must be sour, fun and refreshing. Tommy’s Margarita is all that and more, if you ever want to impress anyone this is the cocktail you need to have up your sleeve at all times.

Olmeca Altos Blanco
50ml Lime Juice
25ml Agave syrup 12.5ml
Garnish: Lime wedge
Glass: Rocks glass
Method: Shake all ingredients and strain into rocks glass over cubed ice


The Quirky One- The Coco Pop

Sometimes it’s the odd combinations that work best – it’s definitely true for this quirky wonder. The pineapple, chocolate and coconut water come together to form a drink that is fruity, refreshing and definitely something to talk about.

Olmeca Dark Chocolate 1 part
Coconut Water 1 part
Pineapple Juice 1 part
Garnish: Pineapple leaves
Glass: High Ball
Method: Add all ingredients to shaker with ice, shake and strain into highball over fresh ice


The Super yet Simple One- El Burro

You know that person that manages to do the impossible and make it look effortless? Well, that’s this cocktail. Nothing fancy required and yet you’ll have the crowd wowing over your genius and skill.

Olmeca Blanco 10 parts
Lime juice 3 parts
Ginger beer 20 parts
Angostura bitters 2 dashes
Garnish: Lime wedge
Glass: Highball

Method: Build all ingredients in highball over ice and stir



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