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Switch On The Night

Olmeca Tequila

18 Dec 2015

Olmeca Tequila Presents: 2015 in Cocktails

We’re taking a look back at the wackiest and wildest moments of 2015 – and presenting them in cocktails. Obviously.

Up your NYE game by serving the most ‘on fleek’ pop culture references, in a glass. Miley, that’s what’s good.

The Dress  – The Blue Lagoon Margarita

Black and blue, or white and gold? The world was divided, and all over a photo of a dress. Show the world that blue truly is better with Blue Lagoon Margarita.

Altos Blanco 50 ml

Blue Curacao 25ml

Pineapple juice 15ml

Lime soda 15ml

Lime juice splash


Netflix and Chill - Bloody Maria

Netflix and chill?” was added to the dictionary of delinquents – Urban Dictionary – and as a result, the days of “Do you want to come up for a coffee?” were officially over. Celebrate this momentous occasion with the chillest of all the cocktails, the Bloody Maria.

Altos Black 50ml

Lemon juice 15ml

Tomato juice 125ml

Worcestershire sauce 6 dashes

Hot sauce 4 dashes

Salt & Pepper pinch

Garnish: Lemon wedge and stick of celery

Glass: Highball

Method: Build all ingredients in highball over ice and stir


The Flaming Fire Pool – Flaming Olmeca Tequila

Nkandla’s upgrades revealed that good old JZ had gone and built himself a fire pool. Just in case, you know, the apocalypse or something…

Olmeca Tequila 50ml

Cinnamon pinch

Garnish: Orange Slice

Glass: Shot glass

Method: Sprinkle the cinnamon on top of your shot of Olmeca Tequila, light the match and watch it burn baby, burn. This shot is not fire resistant, and neither are you – so wait for it to burn out before drinking it. Finish it off with a bite of an orange slice.


Miley, What’s Good? – The Weeknd Cocktail

Everyone looked on in shock as Nicky Minaj threw shade and uttered the now famous words, “Miley, what’s good?” at the VMAs this year. The only thing that might have overshadowed it? Kanye’s dad dancing like a boss to the Weeknd.

Altos Blanco 50ml

Fresh orange juice 75ml

Pomegranate juice 50ml

Agave syrup 10ml

Garnish: Orange zest

Glass: Highball

Method: Build all ingredients in highball glass over ice and stir


Hotline Bling - Palomita de Maiz

Hotline Bling, the 2015 anthem, debuted with the most meme-able music video in all eternity – we laughed, we loved and then we got the song stuck in our heads for the next month. Bring in 2016 with your sweetest moves, and this bling cocktail.

Popcorn infused

Altos Reposado 35ml

Crème de

cacao blanc 5ml

Champagne 100ml

Garnish: None

Glass: Champagne flute

Method: Build all ingredients in champagne flute and stir gently.

Infusion: Pop 100g of poppingcorn with a little bit of butter, while the popcorn is still hot add a bottle of Olmeca Altos blanco and infuse for 1 hour.

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