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Switch On The Night

Olmeca Tequila

18 Dec 2015

Switch On Summer: The Pool Party Guide

How to take poolside drinking and turn it into an art form. #justdoitresponsibly


No, boet, we’re not saying go violent. We’re talking about the delish fruity goodness you’ll be lapping up poolside. Now, punch doesn’t have to be things-left-in-the-booze-cabinet and juice – it can be tasty and fresh. Don’t believe us, give this a go – Pineapple Chilli Margarita Punch.

1 cup Olmeca Tequila, 1 cup Pineapple Juice, a tablespoon of coarse salt, a heaped tablespoon of chilli powder and some fresh lime juice. Put it all in a jug or punchbowl and then drink. Yes, it is as tasty as it sounds.

Expert tip: Nobody likes a watered down drink, so instead of using ice cubes for your drink - fill up an old ice-cream container with water and freeze that. It’ll take a lot longer to melt.

Floating Bar

Get yourself an inflatable tube, a small bucket and a load of ice. Pop the bucket inside the tube and voila – floating bar. Now, you never have to leave the water – bonus, keeps your drinks extra cold.

Banging Tunes

Finding the perfect day time playlist can take some skill, but we believe in you. Just think, what you would like to hear in Ibiza at 11am – that’s the goal.

Don’t be dumb

Don’t drink and do backflips into the pool, don’t think that you don’t need sunblock because you “like, never, get sunburnt”, don’t try and see if your mattress will float. It’s super simple, don’t be dumb.

Live your best life

It’s summer. Get weird. Get wild. It doesn’t last forever, make the most of it, just make sure you #DrinkResponsibly.

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