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Switch On The Night

The Beats

19 May 2016

The Music videos you have to watch right now

Take a look at 2016’s best videos from around the globe.

Kygo – Stay

Kygo’s ‘Stay’ is a song drenched in nostalgia, it hits the equilibrium of happy-sad in a way that will send you spinning if you hear it on a dancefloor. The video captures all of that. It will have you falling in and out of love, screaming and smiling, and dancing loud and proud while your feels go on an adventure.


Lafawndah – Ally

“It had to look epic but solitary in a way. It had to look beautiful and delicate but also strong, like a fight that you’d have with yourself,” says NY-based underground producer, Lafawndah on her video for ‘Ally’. With heavy percussion and organic, layered vocals the song’s landscape is as eclectic as the video’s. The video channels the personal journey of a crush, but in the chaotic and calm way only Lafawndah could.


Skrillex ft Vic Mensa – No Chill

Go on a tour of Tokyo’s darker side with Skrillex and Vic Mensa as your guides. Hop through the night in a city that is full of art, creativity and, as promised - No Chill.


Major Lazer – Light It Up (ft Nyla & Fuse ODG)

There’s no avoiding the Ghanaian beats and influence present in ‘Light it Up’ and the video pays homage to that perfectly . Set at a Ghanaian funeral, Fuse honours his home country and its customs with this beautiful black and white story.


Jackie Palmer - Mémoires vives

Jackie Palmer is making waves outside of her native France and it’s easy to see why. This video is truly Parisian – artistic, confusing and beautiful.




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