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Switch On The Night

Party Time

22 Feb 2016

The World's Craziest Festivals

World famous DJ, producer, label head of Protocal Recordings is channelling his industry know-how as the editor-in-chief of the Olmeca Tequila e-mag, covering all bases when it comes to EDM.

There’s a festival experience, then there’s a festival experience from someone playing there. Read what Nicky Romero had to say about some of the world’s craziest festivals, or find the whole mag at


The World’s Craziest Festivals

We all love getting loose at a festival, but some take it to the next level. If you’re looking for the festivals where you can truly let your hair down, shout and go crazy, here they are:


AfrikaBurn is an off-shoot festival to America’s notorious (and equally crazy) Burning Man Festival. It’s been running since 2007 from Tankwa Karoo National Park, 250 from Cape Town and unlike its American cousin it has a lot less middle aged hippies doing arts and crafts and many more ravers dancing the days and nights away. Everyone who attends is given a passport that encourages them to “Dance, groove, scream, shout, cartwheel, cavort naked and howl at the moon freely and without hindrance.”


Captured by Olmeca’s Switch On The Night documentary series in 2013, this vast and fortnight long festival used to take place in Crimea but relocated to Georgia in 2014 following the Russian invasion. It was then due to move to Cambodia in February but its wild reputation caused its cancellation with one official saying he didn't want to encourage “indecent tourism”. Its’ due back in Crimea from July 31 – August 16.


The UK’s craziest festival is also one of most loved. If you took all the best bits from Galstonbury and squeezed out the mainstream rock and pop you’d be left with this mud wrestling, fancy dress, English extravaganza all housed around a lake. There are hidden arenas at the end of mazes, giant pirate ships set on fire and even bi-planes flying above dropping tickets for next year’s show




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